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Looking for an English speaking Holistic Life Coach near Haarlem?

Are you looking for more balance in your life? Do you want to give a new or clearer direction to your career? Do you have personal development issues? Do you need more vitality? I help you achieve this.

Every success starts with a first step, as long as you do not take a step you stay where you are. By being coached, you become aware of yourself and gain new insights.

My name is Nikolai Baas and I am a Life Coach. I not only look at the mental or psychological factors of human behaviour, but I also involve the physical, energetic and emotional aspects.

Do you have questions or do you want to start a change in your life? Call for a free introductory meeting, or feel free to contact me.


My name is Nikolai Baas (1977) and I am a Holistic life coach. We as a person are quick to help other people. This often manifests itself in giving advice to our discussion partner. In my work as an HR advisor, I regularly have conversations with people for whatever reason. I was regularly advising during [...]

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Life Coaching

The goal of Life Coaching is to experience more happiness in all areas of life. Nowadays, everyone is often busy with the day-to-day delusion. People do not live the life they want to live. They have the wrong job or do not have time to do nice things because of their busy job. People want […]

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Coaching while walking

With coaching while walking we leave the safe privacy of a practice room and we go into nature. Coaching while walking is more than just walking and talking. While walking we talk to each other, benefits are: It can be nice to talk to someone who is walking next to you instead of sitting in front of you. You are out in the fresh [...]

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The starting point for coaching is that the solution comes from yourself. You often already know the solution yourself and you all need some support to be able to proceed with the execution. Through conversations, we come together to the solution that suits you. I always start with a free introductory meeting of about […]

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We are often unaware of it: our breathing. Our breathing is a basis for life [...]

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Do you want to make an appointment or do you have any questions [...]

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