Life Coaching

The goal of Life Coaching is to experience more happiness  in all areas of life. Nowadays, everyone is often busy with the day-to-day delusion. People do not live the life they want to live.

They have the wrong job or do not have time to do nice things because of their busy job. People want a better balance between work and leisure. They want to take things easier, but how? Many people see no opportunities to change something in their lives positively.

To be happy, you need a good balance. A good balance in your life and in your personality. A Life Coach helps you to find this balance. A Life Coach helps you discover what you really want in your life.

In addition, a Life Coach can help you with problems in your life, problems in your relationship or financial problems. A Life Coach helps you to take control of your own life again, develop your talents, rediscover your life purpose or a new passion or help to restore your inner well-being. This can sometimes be done by resolving unprocessed events from the past, or by bringing you on a new track with an action plan and a stick behind the door.

I do this in a holistic way: I do not only involve the change of your beliefs and the breaking of patterns in your development, but I also look at how you can go physically and emotionally with them, on the basis of conversations, various techniques, walking while coaching, breathing and relaxation techniques. Nutrition and exercise can also play a role in this.