My name is Nikolai Baas (1977) and I am a Holistic life coach.

We as a person are quick to help other people. This often manifests itself in giving advice to our discussion partner. In my work as an HR advisor, I regularly have conversations with people for whatever reason. I was regularly advising during these conversations. I wanted to change this, I wanted to learn how I can guide someone in his or her development path.

For this reason, I started with the training for Holistic life coach at the Academy for Holistic Coaching. Holistic Coaching means that the coach not only looks at the mental or psychological factors behind human behavior but also at the physical, energetic and emotional aspects of people and involves issues surrounding meaning.

I have not only learned how to coach people but also to do breathing or relaxation exercises with my client.

A ‘healthy lifestyle’ is a behavioral pattern that focuses on sufficient relaxation, good nutrition, and exercise. Which reduces complaints and can be prevented. Common complaints are poor sleep, neck, back or bowel problems, feeling lethargic during the day or in general ‘not feeling good’.

It gives me satisfaction when clients get new insights, recognize patterns and therefore make different choices. This is the reason why I started my own practice.