“These sessions allowed me to see what really matters to me and how I act as a person, and I get to know myself better.”

“The sessions were very pleasant and certainly enriched me in my development. It felt good to talk with Nikolai about work, private and everything else. It was educational and a reflection of myself. It certainly helped me and for that, I am very grateful to Nikolai. ”

“I have gained the insight that as long as I stay with myself and do not let others fool me, I stay in my power so that I can make choices that suit me.”

“Nikolai Baas is a great coach! He has helped me very well with myself and events in my life. It also helps me to make choices. The sessions are very pleasant and therapeutic. Also, there are sometimes yoga stretching, breathing exercises and even tarot cards in. This spiritual edge is nice to me but I do not have to, I would recommend Nikolai to everyone! ”