Coaching while walking

With coaching while walking we leave the safe privacy of a practice room and we go into nature.

Coaching while walking is more than just walking and talking. While walking we talk to each other, benefits are:

  • It can be nice to talk to someone who is walking next to you instead of sitting in front of you.
  • You are out in the fresh air, this is soothing and relaxing so you can get to your feelings more easily.
  • You are active in motion, which increases the oxygen absorption in your blood, produces good substances, making you feel better and your mind is activated.
  • Nature has its own symbolism that offers clues for what occurs in our lives.

Think of an obstacle on the road, for example, a fallen tree trunk. It can be a symbol for the obstacles that you encounter to realize what you want.

A T-junction can indicate a choice to be made. Which way do you choose?

Coaching while walking is suitable for all kinds of questions. Especially in case of questions about loss and mourning, depression or burnout can be a calming, healing effect in nature.

Walking creates movement, not only physically but also mentally.